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What's Trending Now In the Pet Industry?

The Pet industry is growing at a rapid pace. More than 12 million houses in the UK have a pet, and pet ownership has increased up to 44% with around 51 million pets owned.

Many changes have occurred in the pet industry due to technology and online purchasing. The biggest changes are occurring due to changes in the culture.

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, many changes have occurred in the pet ownership culture, and because of these changes, various trends are going on in the pet industry. Big pet-related companies are taking advantage of these trends.

Here are some ongoing trends in the pet industry.



Pet owners do not want to feed their pets traditional food; rather, they want to feed them premium pet food. Now that contains multiple categories, which include raw, natural, fresh, and vegan diets in sealed containers.

These sealed containers include meat and fruits, which are high in protein content. It is scientifically proven that premium food has a high tendency to absorb and digest nutrients. However, these premium foods are expensive, and it is up to you whether you want to buy them or not.



Most pet owners order subscription boxes containing your pet's favorite cookies, food, and toys during the pandemic. These subscription boxes help the owners a lot so that they do not have to come out of their houses.

Many brands are offering these subscription boxes and mostly have monthly subscriptions.



Mobile pet grooming helps an owner in such a way that they do not have to travel to get their pet groomed. Instead, they make an appointment with them at their convenience.

Mobile pet groomers usually have a van that has all the necessary tools and equipment to make your pet clean and tidy.

Mobile pet grooming is popular because it is more convenient, and the appointment can be made according to the owner's schedule.



Nowadays, most pet owners do not have time to take care of their pets. Because of this reason, they search online in the pet care marketplace to take care of their pet.

Online pet care marketplace provides services like pet sitting, pet grooming, and daycare, etc. Many sites connect the owner to the service provider.

You can see the provider's reviews and then make an appointment through the site, sounds great, right?



If you want to make your pet feel special, you can take them to some luxury hotels for pets which offer every service and activity a person finds in a hotel. You can bring your pet here on special occasions.

These hotels have swimming pools, suites, playing areas, etc. You can leave your pet here and supervise them anytime through webcams.


Pet health insurance has been recently introduced by analyzing the expenditure of an owner towards pet health. As we know, veterinary care is becoming expensive day by day, so it helps the owner a lot.

This trend is not slowing down as the number of pets and vet bills are increasing.


Many changes have occurred in the pet industry due to the pandemic, and many brands are following these trends to influence more customers towards themselves.


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