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Dr. Elsey ‘s Cat Litter Review

Bruce Elsey is a famous cat-only doctor who has offered its services for over 35 years. Due to his excellent services, he recently launched a very exciting range of cat litter and litter box supplies. He has also introduced a fine range of cat foods. Dr. Elsey’s main goal is to help the cat owners provide a better life for their felines.

What Elsey’s products are we offering?

We have just rolled out 9 of the products from Dr. Elsey’s. All these products are used as cat litter handling supplies. Following is a detailed description of the products we are introducing in our online store:

Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter- Multi-Cat Strength (unscented)

It comes in three different packaging which are rated as per the weight of the product. It is a clay-based litter that attracts the cats towards the litter box. With ideal particle size and natural herbal attractant, this product is a must-buy for the users.

Precious Cat Classic Cat Litter

With various sizes, this cat litter is perfect for every feline breed. It gets clumps easily and traps the odor particles perfectly. It is also easy for the users to scoop out the litter and discard it without much hassle. It is 99.9% dust-free and offers low tracking. Compared with product weight and quality, it is much cheaper than another cat littler products in the market.

Precious cat Ultra Scented Litter

It also lies in a mediocre price range. The product contains odor canceling particles. It comes in 3 different packages with varied weights. The scent is moisture-activated and includes a clay base that hardens the cat filth. It is ideal for every cat breed out there. The dust-free formula makes it perfect for everyday use.

Precious Cat Clean Tracks

The scent-free formula is perfect for cat owners who get allergic to a strong smell. Besides that, to reduce the chances of allergy, the litter does not contain any plant base. The easy-to-pour spout makes it easy for the owners to change the material of the litter box.

Precious Cat Touch of Outdoors

The herbal essence in the litter reduces the cat’s urge to scratch the furniture and other things in the house. Once the cat is done with its dumps, the debris transforms into hard lumps that can be taken out with utmost ease and comfort.

Precious Cat Paw sensitive litter

It has a fine particle size that hardens well once the cat utilizes it. The litter formula is perfect for kitten and cats belonging to each age group. It comes in one package in a budget-friendly price range. The low ds and low tracking of the formula reduce the chances of dusting off.

Precious Cat respiratory relief

The dust-free formula makes it perfect for both owners and felines. Its hypoallergenic properties keep even the slightest chance of allergy away from the cat owners. The litter comes in excellent budget-friendly packaging that works well for months and does not require re-purchasing.

Precious Cat Attract Litter

It comes in 9 kg packaging that is priced under 30 pounds. It is advised to scoop out the litter twice daily. Refill the box as per the size and weight of the product. With little training, you can train your cats to drop the feces in the litter box as the litter contains special essence that attracts the cats.

Precious Cat Kitten Litter

The cat formula is perfect for felines belonging to 8 weeks and one year with superior odor control. The particles clump easily once the kitty is done dumping the feces. The gentle formula of litter does not irritate the skin of the kittens and can be replaced easily.


Dr. Elsey is known for its top-notch cat products. Our store has recently launched the nine litter products from Dr. Elsey’s brand. All these products are highly affordable and made from a premium quality product. Visit our store and purchase the product that ticks all the right corners.


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