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Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

Taking your dog for regular walks is very important for their health as it keeps your dog active, both physically and mentally. Well, now What happens when it’s raining outside?

Dogs love to enjoy when it's raining outside; however, there are some breeds of dogs that do not like to go out when it's raining.

There is no need to skip a walking session. You can just take some precautionary measures and take some handy essentials with yourself.

Walking essentials:

There are many walking essentials in the market, some of them are explained below.


  1. Reflecting leash or collar:

When it’s raining outside, it makes it difficult for the drivers to see what’s in front of them, and there is a high possibility that your dog might get involved in some kind of accident.

So, instead of using regular collars, you can use reflecting collars and leashes. So when the lights of the cars fall on the dog, it will reflect from the collar, hence they will see your dog.


  1. Use Raincoats:

Just like humans, dogs can also get sick when they are exposed to rain for a longer period. So buy raincoats for your dog. It might look humiliating and funny, but it is very important for the health of your dog, as it will protect him from the rain.

Raincoats can be bought from your local stores or online.


  1. Use Booties:

As the raincoat keeps the body of your dogs dry, booties help to keep the paws of your dog dry. Booties will reduce the amount of cleaning required after a walk hence will save your time. There are different types of booties present in the market, which includes rubber booties and other waterproof materials which will help to keep your dog paws dry and warm.


  1. Use Umbrella leashes:

Just like humans, umbrellas can also help to keep your dogs dry from the rain. Umbrella leashes are a great invention that helps prevent your dogs from rainy weather. These are designed for those dogs who do not like to wear a coat. It can take some time for your dog to get used to these leashes as it involves a small umbrella hovering over the body of the dog.


  1. Carry towels:

A towel is another essential you should carry while taking your dog for a walk in the rain. Rain should not prevent your dog from having some fun and quality time.

So if your dog jumps into a puddle of mud, you can just use the towel to clean up the mess. And once you are done with the walk, before entering the house, you can clean your dog and prevent it from creating a mess. Cleaning it will require more time.


  1. Use dog grooming wipes:

After a walk in the rain with your dog clean, the body of your dog with some dog grooming wipes will eliminate any bad odor coming from a wet dog.


Walking your pet in the rain can take some time to get used to, but it is beneficial in many ways. Since their walking session is not missed and it is important for their physical health too since they would not miss the fun of enjoying the rain.


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