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Cat Nutrition Explained!

Cats are picky eaters. Take it from any cat parent! Sometimes, they are even finicky, greedy, or possessive about the cat food they have. Like we have our favourites and cravings, they do too! Being a cat parent means serving your cat with food they appurrove of!

What does a cat’s nutrition include?

Cats are primarily carnivores and born hunters; their nutrition requirements have to match their natural traits so that they stay contented. Cats require an enriching, nutrition-packed diet that includes their "prey," which provides them with the necessary nutrition that keeps them purring all day long. Some key elements that make for an accurate combination of their ideal diet are:

Foods high in protein,
Balancing it with some vitamins
Moderate levels of fats and amino acids little to no carbs as it can cause obesity.

A pro tip: it’s best to avoid sugar and salt in their diets, as they are hunters and they require raw nutrition!

This makes for a rich, complete diet! While we ensure the contents of the food, it’s important to give them plenty of fresh water to drink at all times.

Let’s look at different kinds of cat food that provide your pet with the above ingredients.

1. Cat Dry Food

An easy way to feed your purriend’s growling tummy is by feeding them dry food. Naturea Lands Cat & Kitten was created by vets and nutritionists following the Naturally Suited concept and is suitable to feed all types of cats, of all ages. Grain-free, low in carbohydrates and made using ingredients approved for human consumption, Naturea Lands Cat & Kitten contains 80% animal origin ingredients, namely Rabbit, Chicken, Salmon and Herring. Other ingredients in this diet include tapioca, chicken fat, sweet potato, tomato and seaweed. Dry cat food makes for a quick everyday meal for your furry friend!

Naturea Grain Free Lands Cat & kitten Salmon

2. Cat Wet Food

A treat cats can’t get enough of! Wet food is as good as soul food for cats. Having wet food regularly provides cats with the necessary moisture that keeps their coat in good shape and equally distributes their weight all over their body. Also, if your cat doesn’t pay much attention to drinking water, wet food helps keep them hydrated. Wet food allows you to feed your cat a mixture of various healthy ingredients in one go. Isn’t that a great way to keep your cat’s nutrition in check?


Terra Felis Grain Free Cat Food, Multi Favour Pack

page10image115505584  page10image115500176

3. Raw Meat

Fulfil their wishes by giving them the raw, juicy meat that they crave! Raw meat has the natural essence of nutrition that nourishes your pet from within and gives them the authentic flavour they love and the absolute strength they need. The good part about raw meat is that it can be eaten by all age groups as it provides all-in-one nutrition for your pet. However, remember to feed it to people in different portions as stated on the packs and to not overdo it because it’s healthy.

Purrform Chicken Breast with Heart 250g Tub

Cat nutrition may appear to be as simple as selecting the "best" cat food; however, it is much more complicated. It’s important to understand that every cat is different from the other; what suits one may not suit another. Purchasing food accordingly makes it easy to select the right food for your favourite buddy and helps them stay happily purring after!



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