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On Choosing the Best Pet Food and Treats!

When you’re a new pet parent, it can be overwhelming to choose the best pet products out of so many on the market! However, we’re here to break down ways in which you can select premium-quality pet food and treats for your furry friend!

Why go for premium pet food?

  • ●  It is made for specific age groups and is tailored to particular ages, sizes, and even breeds. The nutrition that puppies require will differ largely from what an adult dog requires.

  • ●  With that, a fixed formulation of ingredients (omega fatty acids, minerals, and rich proteins) is followed for every batch that ensures your pets’ strong gut health.

  • ●  It’s premium because the ingredients used are natural and nutritious with no added preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. The meat used is authentic and not processed, which makes premium pet food easily digestible for animals.

  • ●  Above all, premium pet foods and treats are approved by food organisations, which is a professional heads-up to feed this food to your pets.

    The reason for feeding your pet premium foods is to be aware of what goes into your pet’s food and to be sure of its nutrition. The marketplaces are crowded with different kinds of pet foods and treats. However, being sure of their nutrition is always a good idea.

    We understand that, being a pet parent, you always want what’s best for your pet. So, here at BYMiT, we serve your pet fresh, premium meals each time.

    Here are BYMiT Premium products that tick all the boxes:

1. Dog Dry Food & Cat Dry Food

With the exact nutrients your pet requires, our premium dry dog food includes natural meat, which ensures a protein-rich diet. From dried lamb, to chicken, to mackerel and salmon, BYMiT gives your dog all the amino acids and minerals required to stay healthy.

Granatapet Dog dry food Natural Taste

Granatapet Cat dry food Symphonie


2.Dog Wet Food & Cat Wet Food

A pet meal is complete only with wet food. Our range of hypoallergenic wet foods is designed to sharpen your pet’s physique, which includes nutritious values like rich fibres in horse meat, Vitamins A, C, K, and E in beef, alongside omega-3 fatty acids, and high-protein. A 100% grain-free menu. With a meal like this, your pets will never run out of fulfilling meal options!

Terra Canis Grain Free Dog Wet Food, Multi Flavour Pack

Terra Felis Grain Free Cat Food, Multi Favour Pack


3. Veterinary foodpage6image48642272

No need to go fetching shops & websites because BYMiT has all the vet-recommended foods! From foods for functional mobility and joints, to digestive regularity, to foods that keep your pets’ weight in check, we have it all here!

Fleischeslust Dog Wet Food Menu Hypoallergenic


4. Treats & Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Your pets live for treats! We've created savoury and sweet treats to keep their taste buds tingling while also ensuring their dental health with dental sticks, brush gels, and toothbrushes!

Naturea Treats Dog Sweet & Savoury Biscuits

We’re actively taking efforts towards creating a nutritious lifestyle for pets so that you stay at peace when selecting the best for your furriends. Always remember to keep the food quality in check and ensure your pets get a balanced meal.

However, once your pet tastes products at BYMiT, there’s no going back!



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