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Dress your pets in modern and stylish clothing!

It's time to give your pets a modern, functional wardrobe that gets them thriving through everyday outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and well, running around in parks! Dogs enjoy being outdoors, especially in the company of nature. However, there’s weather that can intervene with their adventurous time outside! To create a smooth outdoor-playing experience for pets, provide them with modern & stylish pet clothing and accompawny your pet to his favourite park!

Also, we know how clothes add personality to us, and so is the case with animals. They too get to be in the cool crowd!

Here are some modern and stylish pet clothing items that can dress your pet comfortably while they play around freely.

1. Collars & Harness set

The best way to crown your pet as your own is by putting on a collar or bandana. While this lets others know that a particular cat or dog is a pet, it also gives your pet a completely fresh, new look, which is a great way to make them feel special. The different patterns, styles, and forms of these collars give your pet a cool look, and it also states that they’re in a loving family!

Necoichi Bandana Cat Collar With Air Tag Pocket (Yukata Yellow)

Necoichi ZEN Fish Charm Cat Harness & Leash Set Green


2. Raincoats

What to do if it rains while your pet is busy enjoying his favourite game? Simple! Put on our easy-to-wear raincoat, which is from our special collaborative collection! This funky Bambi raincoat is a waterproof garment with light material that easily goes on and off on your pet's body. It comes with raincoat pants to cover the pet’s whole body and save them from drenching in water or collecting any dirt on their fur. A safe and cute saviour from the rain so that they can enjoy their walk and play schedule.

Max Bone Talon Dog Raincoat

3. Hoodies

Take your pets out with a funky avatar! A hoodie is the best way to dress your pet in a subtly stylish way for outdoor walks. Cotton hoodies prove to be more comfortable for them because of the smooth, breezy material. So, when stepping out for walks or play dates, make your pet look stylish with a hoodie! A Self-Made hoodie simply says it all about your little one and is an apt hoodie for any outing!

Max Bone Self Made Hoodie

4. Jumperspage17image13707632

When the rain season hits the roof, it's time to give your pet some more protection! These jumpers are your answer. If your pet has a thin layer of fur, jumpers will keep them warm and fuzzy. Or, it can simply be a great outfit to wear for long walks or during long travelling hours! A great winter keeper and a breezy street style for your pal!

Max Bone Feather Dog Knit Onesie - Mint

Clothing your pets is a great way to keep your pet's fur clean when outdoors and to keep them warm when there's a weather change. These stylish outfits also give your pet an eye-catching look while they walk comfortably on the streets! Check out the modern and stylish pet clothing collection on our website!


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