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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Grooming


There are more than 316 salons in the UK that primarily focus on dog grooming. Knowing that there are about 12.5 million pet dogs, only 37% of dog owners opt for regular grooming.

Pets are like babies that you care for their entire lives. Giving them showers, providing hair trims, brushing their coat are all efforts to keep them clean and healthy. Regularly grooming your dogs is essential for their healthy growth. It allows them to ventilate their coat, shed damaged and broken hair, and keeps their hair shiny and healthy.

Moreover, grooming allows your dog's skin to breathe and keep the grease level in their coat under control. Excessive grease can block their pores and irritate the skin, causing many additional problems.

Taking your dogs for grooming every few weeks can be heavy on the pocket while being quite a hassle. Plus, there's no one better your dog trusts than yourself. That's why Bymit offers easy to use products to make dog grooming easier while staying at home:

1. Wild One Natural Dog ShampooWild One Conditioning Shampoo


Gently clean and condition your dog's hair and skin using Wild One's Natural Dog Shampoo. The lemongrass and grapefruit extract helps reduce itching while soothing dry skin. It is 100% vegan, hypoallergenic, sulfate-free, and made without artificial colors or fragrances.

Unlike other dog shampoos, you only need a little bit to create enough latter to shampoo your entire dog.

2. Max-Bone Tearless Puppy Shampoo

Max-Bone Tearless Puppy Shampoo


If your dog plays outdoor frequently, which results in dry and tangled hair, you need this shampoo in your dog's life. Maxbone Tearless Puppy Shampoo is made using an extremely soft and gentle formula that cleanses and conditions dog's coats while leaving them feeling soft, healthy, and shiny for days.

 This is specially formulated for little pups to save their delicate eyes from tearing and getting irritated. It also contains aloe vera and gentle proteins to make its coat soft and fluffy for endless snuggles.

3. Max-Bone Body SprayMax-Bone Body Spray


Showering your dog every other day can be very unhealthy for their coat and skin. It can dry them out and cause itching along with other skin irritations. Stick to the rule of showering every three to four weeks and use MaxBone Body Spray to freshen them up between showers.

 It's a water-based formulation that makes it perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, and the scent can last for days. Since it's alcohol-free, it can be used as often as desired without the fear of drying their skins.

4. Max-Bone Antiseptic WipesMax-Bone-Antiseptic-Wipes


Dogs can catch many infections and allergies, such as yeast infection or acne, that can cause excessive itching leading to wounds. Prevent it by cleaning the affected area with Max-Bone's Antiseptic Wipes.

 It consists of an aloe-infused formula that helps relieve itching and prevents the problem from getting worse. It doesn't cause any stinging as it's alcohol-free and is very easy to apply. It can also be used as a preventive measure between baths to avoid gunk formation or blocking of pores.

5. Broadreach Nature Relaxing Moment Calming Room Spray


 Whether it's a bad night's sleep or an anxious moment that's getting your dog all restless, it can become very exhausting for their little bodies and mind. Broadreach Calming Room Spray contains a special blend of fragrance extracts to help calm your dogs by simulating canine pheromones.

 Due to the all-natural ingredients have zero side effects and can be used as often as needed. Just spritz the calming room spray where your dog likes to relax and allow the spray to sink in and do its magic.


6. Broadreach Nature Gentle Ear Wash

 Broadreach Gentle Ear Wash

Dog's ears are a very sensitive part of their body that requires regular cleaning. If not, debris and wax buildup can cause infections, leading to other serious health problems.

Broachreach Nature Gentle Ear Wash is specifically formulated to rinse your dog's ear at home easily. Its formula is extremely gentle yet effective that helps dissolve wax and allows foreign debris to flow out.

Regular grooming is essential if you want to maintain healthy skin and coat. However, the grooming process is only effective when using the right products. Bymit offers a wide range of gentle yet effective products like gentle ear wash, calming spray, and tearless puppy shampoo to make the grooming process easier and fun for your cats and dogs. Each product is carefully formulated to provide maximum nourishment to your furry friends while being environmentally friendly.

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