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A Quick Guide to Pet Furniture

 There are over 51 million owned pets in the UK belonging to 12 million households. 12.5 million of these pets are dogs, 12.2 million are cats, and the remaining belonging to rabbits, birds, and other pets.

 Pets are an important part of many people's lives. As much as we all love these four-legged furry friends, finding furniture that they'll enjoy and won't be terrible to look at for us can be quite a task. The aim is for the furniture to be functional yet attractive so that it doesn't have to be hidden in some room but can be placed openly in the lounge. That's a struggle for many pet owners.

 That's why at Bymit, we have spent years researching the playful nature of cats and dogs to create pet furniture that they'll love spending time in while being aesthetically appealing. Here are some of the best pet furniture to add to your homes in the UK:


1. Weelywally Oslo Bedside Pet House

Cat inside bedside table look alike pet home


This is by far the most innovative design you'll ever see; a two-in-one bedside table plus a pet house that looks great while being a pet favorite. It's designed for all sorts of small cat and medium dog breeds. Oslo Bedside Pet House is made using aluminum and wooden components to keep it aesthetically appealing while easy to blend in any setup.


To ensure your furry friends are cosy, it comes with a recycled cotton woven cushion that is washable to maintain hygiene. Each edge and corner of the bedside has been softened to ensure your baby doesn't harm itself. The air ventilation holes are great to maintain circulation for easy breathing during sleep time. Plus, we made sure to keep it lightweight so that it's easier to transport.


2. Meyou The Light Grey Cube

cat relaxing in the cotton cocoon-shaped pet house


If you love minimalism and have a simplistic theme around your home, this is the perfect addition to your furniture that is appealing and your cat will love. The MeyouCube offers a clean and flawless design of a graphic shape of a woven cotton cocoon. Its soothing and reassuring design offers comfort and security to make your cat fall asleep easily.


All you need is a damp cloth to clean the outside and the inside, whereas the inside cushion can be removed and washed. Unlike its delicate design, this is made using a high-quality and resistant material that ensures prolonged use.


3. Weelywally Montreal Pet Bed

Dog-sitting-chair-bed  Alt Text; Dog sitting in his pet bed


This little piece is made to reminiscent the flying sled from the Christmas Storytime. It's the most stylish and versatile sleeping bed to keep the little friends comfortable and relaxed all day long.


Montreal Pet Bed offers a 2m thick aluminum frame for utmost durability while maintaining a sleek design. It's the best bed for all dogs, from tiny little chihuahua to extra-large terriers. Just like all other furniture pieces, Montreal Pet Bed comes with softened corners and edges to keep your dogs out of harm's way.


4.  Meyou The Graphic Blue Nest

Cat relaxing in pet bed


If your cats love open beds that aren't confining, this is the one for you. Meyou Graphic Blue Nest offers a cocoon made of cotton yarn that's woven using water-based adhesive products. The geometric pattern of the cushion keeps it interesting while complementing the simple woven off-white exterior.


5. WeelyWally Odense Pet Bed

Dog sitting in the sofa like bed


Are your pets the king or queen of your palace? If yes, then they deserve a royal throne just like this to rest all day. The Weelywally Odense Bedis, a minimalistic sofa-like bed that's great for them to rest through the day or get a goodnight's sleep.


It offers a homely design that's best for small breeds of dogs and cats. It's super easy to install and is made using high-quality aluminum and wood. It comes with a removable cushion for washing purposes. This bed must only be used indoors as it's not suitable for rough outdoor use.

6. Weelywally Wien Pet House

Cat inside pet home

If you love providing your pets with fairytale-inspired items, this house is the one for you and your furry friend. The high-quality wood used to create this elegant piece of furniture helps maintain warmth inside the house, keeping your little one cosy.


And if you struggle with tools, Wien Pet House requires no connection screws or tools for easy and quick installation. Perfect piece of beauty to add to your lounge or bedroom.


Bymit offers everything you can ever need for your pets under one roof. All our pet furniture is made using high-end material to ensure the best quality is provided for our fur companions. All furniture pieces come with a large and fluffy cushion to keep them cosy and fall asleep easily. Each piece is made to ensure the utmost comfort for your pets, which complements your home.


Visit our website to find the largest variety of pet furniture under one roof in the UK!


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