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by Wild One

Wild One Dog Toy Bolt Bite - Blue

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The Bolt Bite is the ultimate chew toy with a reinforced center, two elbows for engaging paw-play, and open ends for hiding treats.

Whether you have a strong-jawed dog or a teething puppy, the Bolt Bite is made for all shapes, sizes and ages. Made with 100% natural rubber that’s BPA-free and tested to meet food-safe standards. And, it’s (top-rack) dishwasher safe!

    100% Natural Rubber
    BPA and Phthalate Free

    8.3" x 8.3"
    1.2" Diameter
    0.5 lbs

    Never leave your dog unattended during play. Discard toy if disassembled.

    Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe