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by Vet's Best

Vet's Best Natural Flea Tick Wipes For Dogs

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Vet's Best flea & tick wipes benefit from a unique blend of peppermint, citronella and clove oils. To prevent infestations, you need to treat your pet and home all year round. We recommend using Vet's Best spot-on once a month throughout the year and Vet's Best flea, tick and mite away spray as required.


- Unique blend of peppermint, citronella and clove oils
- Physically removes fleas from your dog, and allows targeted application for sensitive areas, such as around the ears
- Made from durable long lasting material that is free of plastic resins
- May use on dogs 12 weeks and older
- Pleasant scent with no added fragrance, that clean and deodorizes your pet


Wipes, 50 per pack