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Terra Felis O'Lixir Inner Glow - With thistle, hemp, evening primrose oil

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Inner Glow - Suitable as a daily supplement for all types of food. The premium oil for cats to naturally support beauty from the inside out.

This oil mixture was created from five carefully selected vegetable oils: thistle, linseed, hemp, borage and evening primrose oil. This special combination provides various essential fatty acids that play an important role in skin and coat health. The thistle oil, cold-pressed from dye thistle seeds, with its richness in the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, as well as linseed oil and hemp oil, both rich in the omega-3 fatty acid α-linolenic acid, promote a healthy skin barrier, maintain skin moisture and contribute to the coat shine. Evening primrose oil and borage oil, both rich in γ-linolenic acid, have anti-inflammatory properties and complete this effective mixture.

Oils play an important role in the healthy diet of humans, dogs and cats. They are not only pure fat suppliers, but also a valuable source of so-called essential fatty acids. Essential means that these fatty acids cannot be produced by the body itself, but must be supplied from the outside via food. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 take on a wide variety of tasks in the organism. Among other things, they are important for a healthy immune system, for a healthy skin barrier, for shiny fur and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. In animals in growth or in the elderly, as well as in diseased animals, the need for certain fatty acids can be higher than that of a healthy animal. For this reason, the essential fatty acids play an important role, especially in various diseases, and are integrated into the treatment of the diseases. With the new "O'lixir" product line, Terra Canis offers four different, valuable oils and oil mixtures to naturally provide our four-legged friends with high-quality essential fatty acids. "O'lixir" is suitable as a daily supplement for all types of food. Bottled in Bavaria, the oils contained in our "O'lixir" products are of the highest quality and have 100% food quality without exception. Due to the practical dosage in 100 ml bottles, they can also be dosed individually.
  • 100% food quality of all raw materials
  • Unique combination of five valuable vegetable oils
  • Rich in omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids
  • To support a healthy skin barrier
  • For shiny fur


    Thistle oil (40%), hemp oil (26%), linseed oil (20%), bory oil (7%), evening primrose oil (7%)

    Analytical components

    Protein: 0.1 % Fat content: 99.9% Crude fiber: 0.1 % Crude ash: 0.1 % Moisture: 0.1 %

    ¼ tsp per day.

    First, start with a few drops and increase slowly.

    Information is a guideline. Needs depend on the breed, age, activity and diseases of your animal. Provide sufficient drinking water.

    Store at room temperature protected from light before opening. After opening in the refrigerator.

    "Coco Boost" can solidify naturally when stored in a cool way. This is a typical property of the coconut oil contained and does not affect its quality. If the oil has become firm, we recommend that you slightly heat the bottle before feeding in a water bath or under running, warm water until the oil is liquid again. Please do not overheat the product and shake it well before use.

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