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Terra Felis Grain Free Kitten Food, Beef

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The paradise in the cat bowl - now also for kittens!

With the Terra Felis kitten menus, the little tigers can finally enjoy fine menus made of 100% raw materials in real food quality, which offer everything that kittens need to start life: a lot of fresh meat, a high level of energy, essential amino acids and nutrients, as well as the best aroma from natural ingredients. Above all, fresh meat and thus a high load of animal protein is important for the nutrition of small cats in order to cover the high energy requirements during the growth phase. The protein hunger of young kittens must also meet their high demand for essential amino acids and guarantee the delivery of nitrogen-containing compounds. In order to cover all the needs of the kittens and to realize the important nitrogen compounds in the food, all Terra Felis Kitten menus are based on a very high fresh meat content of over 80 percent. Another energy supplier is the rapeseed and fish oil added to all menus, which provide essential omega 3&6 fatty acids. A small proportion of plant ingredients in the form of selected vegetables, the highly aromatic and healthy tomato powder for kittens, as well as catnip round off the Terra Felis kitten menus. The plant ingredients support kitten metabolism, healthy digestion and are also important, natural suppliers of fiber. In order to meet the daily requirement of the growing kitten for micronutrients, each Terra Felis Kitten recipe is supplemented with taurine as well as with a small amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition to this balanced vitamin and mineral mix, added Sango coral additionally provides important minerals for healthy growth. All Terra Felis Kitten menus are highly aromatic in their composition. A natural aroma of the food is crucial for a healthy food embossing for the sensitive olfactory organ of a cat from the beginning. As with all Terra Felis products, only 100% food-grade raw materials are used for the kitten menus. This quality - together with a species-appropriate, meat-containing composition - is reflected in the delicious and fine smell of the menus and leads to a good acceptance of the Terra Felis Kitten menus.

For paradise in the cat bowl - from the beginning.
  • 100% Lebensmittelqualität aller Rohstoffe 
  • Köstlicher Duft, hohe Akzeptanz von Beginn an 
  • Hoher Fleischanteil, getreidefreie Rezeptur
  • Ohne Zucker, Konservierungsstoffe & synthetische Aromen
  • Eigene Produktion bei München 
  • Natürliche Mineralstoffe aus Sango Koralle für ein gesundes Wachstum


    Beef heart (71%), beef liver (15%), beef muscle meat (6%), carrot (4%), tomato powder*, rapeseed oil, Sango coral* (0.2%),fish oil, catnip*, minerals

    Nutritional additives/kg:

    Vitamin A (3a672a): 1000 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671): 220 IU, Copper (3b405): 0.6mg, Manganese (3b502): 2mg, Iodine (3b202): 0.8mg, Zinc (3b603): 16mg, Taurine (3a370): 2600mg

    Analytical components

    Protein 16.3%, Fat content 8.5%, Crude fibre 1.2%, Crude ash 1.7%, Moisture 71.7%


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