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Terra Canis Vegetables For Dogs Orange Detox

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Green vegetables are said to provide particularly valuable nutrients and vitamins as well as important antioxidants.

The GARDEN POT "Green Detox" unites, among other things, Zucchini, celery, fennel, green apple, broccoli and a little kale. Valuable herbs such as dandelion, wild garlic, chervil and nettle make the green mix perfect.

As a supplement to raw meat feeding, in combination with fresh, cooked meat or for mixing with pure meat cans - our GARDEN POT is becoming increasingly popular with its optimal mixture of cooked vegetables and fruits.

Crisp vegetables and fresh fruit not only guarantee variety in the bowl, but also naturally provide the dog organism with all essential minerals and vitamins and gently and naturally support digestion.

All raw materials are 100% food grade.

Complementary feed for dogs.


    Pumpkin (22.5%), zucchini (22.5%), parsnip* (9%), celery (9%), sweet potato (9%), pineapple (7%), pear (7%), yellow melon (6%), papaya (6%), brewer's yeast*, chamomile* (0.3%), parsley* (0.3%), watercress* (0.2%), thyme* (0.2%), chervil* (0.2%), mineral earth*, seaweed* *dried

    Vegetables: Fruit: Herbs = 72%: 26%: 2%

    Analytical Components

    Protein: 1% Fat content: 0.5% Crude fiber: 1.4% Crude ash: 0.9% Moisture: 91.5%
    MJ/kg: 1

    Feeding Recommendation

    Terra Canis/24 h

    20-40 g/kg body mass
    This information is approximate.
    To be supplemented with meat to a complete meal: Ratio: Meat/Innards: Garden pot ~ 60:40 %
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