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Terra Canis Golden Paste For Dogs

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Two miracle weapons of nature

The "Golden Paste" is a centuries-old recipe from the Ayurveda doctrine. The two superfoods turmeric and coconut oil are the main components of the golden paste and are intended to get our four-legged friends on their toes.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and Chinese health teaching. The yellow-gold tuber is known to have a strong antioxidant and immune-strengthening effect as well as to support healthy cell metabolism. Stabilization of cholesterol levels, relief of the liver and digestion promotion are further focal points in turmeric research.

Together with other additives from nature such as valuable coconut fat, aloe vera and the vitamin bomb Camu Camu, Terra Cani has combined well-known natural substances in the "Golden Paste", so that from now on every four-legged friend can enjoy the traditional recipe of Ayurveda teaching.

Complementary feed for dogs.

Content: 250ml
  • 100% food quality of all raw materials
  • Centuries-old recipe from the Ayurveda doctrine
  • With the superfood turmeric
  • Antioxidant and immune-strengthening
  • Developed with veterinarians


      Vegetable broth (68%), turmeric (18%), coconut oil (11%), aloe vera (0.4%), camu camu (0.4%), pepper (0.2%), sunflower protein, citric acid, preservative: sodium bisulfite (0.1g/kg)

      Analytical Components

      Protein: 1.6% Fat content: 9.4% Crude fiber: 0.7% Crude ash: 0.9% Moisture: 75.6%
      MJ/kg: 5.3

      Feeding Recommendation

      Mix 2-3 x per week 1 x daily well with the food. Due to the intense aroma, pure feeding should be avoided. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within 8 weeks.
      Suitable for all breeds of all ages.

      Weight of the dog / teaspoon (TL) per day:

      < 10 kg / 0.5 TL
      < 20 kg / 1 TL
      < 30 kg / 1.5 TL
      < 40 kg / 2 TL

      0 / 0