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Terra Canis Gastrointestinal Paste For Dogs

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The gastrointestinal paste has a healthy effect on the gastrointestinal tract with natural ingredients.

Fennel, carrot, chamomile, passion flower and lemon balm are known in natural history for their beneficial properties. Mineral earth and absorbent activated carbon are supposed to regulate gastric acid function. Probiotics promote a healthy, balanced gastrointestinal flora. Coconut oil is one of the superfoods, because it contains numerous vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is highly digestible and has an antioxidant effect.

Areas of application: 
• For stomach and intestines
• For digestion
• General gastrointestinal sensitivity

Complementary feed for dogs.

Content: 250ml


  • 100% food quality of all raw materials
  • With fennel & chamomile
  • Beneficiall effect on stomach and intestines
  • Developed with veterinarians


    Water, coconut oil (21%), carrot, fennel (4%), chamomile (1.5%), anise, lemon balm, mineral soil, passion flower, aloe vera, activated carbon (0.3%), probiotics (Emiko® EM mixture) (0.3%), guar gum, sunflower protein, citric acid, preservative: sodium bisulphite (0.1g/kg)

    Analytical Components

    Protein: 2.2% Fat content: 23.6% Crude fiber: 2.9% Crude ash: 1.5% Moisture: 63.9%
    MJ/kg: 9.6

    Feeding Recommendation

    In case of sensitive digestion, mix well with the food once a day. Due to the intense aroma, pure feeding should be avoided. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and use within 8 weeks.
    Suitable for all breeds of all ages.

    Weight of the dog / teaspoon (TL) per day:

    < 10 kg / 0.5 TL
    < 20 kg / 1 TL
    < 30 kg / 1.5 TL
    < 40 kg / 2 TL

    0 / 0