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Terra Canis Sensitive Menu Dog Wet Food Horse

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Our sensitive line - for digestive-sensitive dogs

 No food allergy, but a sensitive stomach and a susceptible digestion? There are many reasons why a dog is food-sensitive to food. The Sensitive line is aimed at digestive-sensitive dogs and closes the gap between the Classic / Grain-free and Hypoallergenic lines. Easily digestible meat from chicken, rabbit or horse forms the basis of the grain-free sensitive menus, which is tailored to sensitive dog stomachs with a low-allergen composition to relieve their digestion. The meat is supplemented by basic ingredients such as potatoes, easily digestible vegetables and a well-tolerated fruit or berry variety. Especially with the sensitive menus is the unique sensitive complex for gentle and purely natural support of digestion, intestinal flora and gastric mucosa.

The Terra Canis SENSITIV complex
In order to gently accompany digestion-sensitive dogs in their diet, plants, herbs, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and secondary plant substances come into the bowl with the unique Terra Canis Sensitive Complex, which naturally support the digestive organs, the gastrointestinal mucosa and the intestinal flora. Mineral soil ensures a balanced acid-base balance and thus promotes a healthy gastric mucosa of the dog together with psyllium husks. In addition, goat yogurt and the patented Emiko® probiotics (effective microorganisms) are included. The herbs meadowsweet, chamomile, caraway & elm bark, known in traditional plant and natural history for their positive effect on the stomach and intestines additionally support the dog. A boon for every intestine is the contained highly digestible gluten-free coconut flour, which provides a lot of valuable fiber and promotes healthy intestinal function.
• The herbs MÄDESÜß, ULMENRINDE, KAMILLE and KÜMMEL are known in natural & plant science for their positive effect on the digestive organs.
• GOAT YOGHURT and the EMIKO ® EM mixture contain probiotics that ensure a balanced intestinal flora.
• COCONUT FLOUR is high in protein, low fat and cholesterol-free and thus a benefit for the intestine. It is one of the most productive sources of fiber and promotes intact digestion.
• The soluble fiber contained in FLOHSAMEN is mainly known for its positive regulating effect on digestion and gastric and intestinal mucosa.
• The BLACK CRUM OIL is attributed to many positive properties, which are also scientifically proven. Among other things, it is considered antioxidant and promoting a balanced intestinal peristalsis.
• MINERAL EARTH supports a healthy acid-base balance.
  • 100% food quality of all raw materials
  • Prepared with love & care in our own production
  • For digestive-sensitive dogs
  • Grain-free recipe with moderate fat content
  • Reduced number of ingredients
  • With health herbs & vital substances for stomach & intestines


    Muscle meat from horses (60%), carrot, potato, cucumber (7%), strawberry (4%), yellow melon, coconut flour (2%), goat yogurt (1%), linseed oil, oyster shell*, probiotics (Emiko® EM mixture) (0.5%), mineral soil* (0.4%), black cumin seeds, psyllium husk (0.3%), meadowsweet* (0.2%), chamo

    Nutritional additives/kg:
    Vitamin E (3a700): 75 IU, vitamin A (3a672a): 7000 IU, vitamin D 3 (3a671): 350 IU, iodine (3b201): 0.8 mg, iron (3b103): 8 mg; copper (3b405): 2 mg; manganese (3b503): 10 mg, zinc (3b603): 20 mg

    Meat : Potato : Vegetables/fruits/herb : Other raw materials = 60 : 8 : 28 : 4

    Analytical components

    Protein: 10.5 % Fat content: 1.6 % Raw fiber: 0.6 % Raw ash: 2.2 % Humidity: 78.2%
    MJ/kg: 3.1

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