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Profeline - Cat Toy Special Edition BUZZ - Attachments

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Profeline Cat ToysSpecial Edition BUZZ - 2 attachements in low-cost pack - suitable for cat rods with carabiner.

..with no less than two big, fluttery-winged grumpy moths on one big body.
Let the moths dance on the cat rod - the buzz is guaranteed to attract the attention of your velvet paw.


1x in black / white design with a chenille body
1x beige / white on a body of white deer hair.
Size approx. 10 x 7 cm

Our charming feather pendants are handmade in Africa. We support women there who often have to care for their children or grandchildren alone.
The Profeline attachements can also be used on cat rods from DaBird and Purrs Cat Toy.

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