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Profeline - Cat Toy Matatabi Catnip Lolly's

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Organic Matatabi Catnip Lolly's is teeth cleaning and pure relaxation - 100% natural.

The ultimate treat for cats - fun to play, dental care and health-promoting.

For a long time the secret tip of many cat friends, Matatabi in combination with CatNip is the favorite "cat scent"of most cats.The Matatabi wooden sticks are coated 2x with Catnip - the Matatabi stick with Catnip ball at one end is in the untreated raw form.
The combination of Catnip and Matatabi certainly exerts a great attraction for cat, nibbling on it, licking it and pushing the toy around - so it is a funny game and activity.

What is Matatabi?

Matatabi is a native climbing plant found in the mountains of Japan. It is made for cats! In Asia, the matatabi plant has been loved by cats for centuries and is still one of the most popular cat toys.

The scents trigger a euphoric reaction - similar to catnip or valerian - and at the same time, the cat toy cares for the teeth through abrasion while gleefully chewing on it.

Many cat experts attribute further positive properties to Matatabi, such as appetite improvement, prevention of diabetes or a stabilising effect on blood pressure.

100% unpeeled matatabi, 100% catnip ball
Anti-stress - can be relaxing and calming, reduce stress
Dental hygiene - abrasion of teeth when chewing and nibbling can contribute to dental hygiene
Cat toy - with play stimulating scent can be rolled around funny, encourages to play,
Exudes subtle smell


1x Matatabi stick with catnip ball 2 x Matatabi sticks coated with catnip.
Color: brown / green
Total length 12 cm, ball 3 cm
Matatabi stick approx. 12 x 0.8 cm
Premium quality - pure natural product

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