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Profeline - Cat Toy Fury Pong

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The quietly rattling pingpong ball with a real rabbit fur tail stimulates your cat's hunting instincts.

The Fury Pong is perfect for grabbing, pushing, and chasing. The subtle rattle of the Pong entices your feline friend off the couch, much like the sound of a baby rattle. Toss the Pong ball through the air, and your cat will instinctively chase after it.


1 piece
Length approximately 15 cm
Ball 3.5 cm
Various colours, no colour choice possible.

Good to know: Profeline are completely against animal cruelty and killing animals just for their fur, out of conviction. Rabbit fur is a by-product of food production - so these fur are part of the sustainability cycle. Animal-friendly breeding and sustainable actions are of course very close to our hearts.

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