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Profeline - Cat Toy FurBunny

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A little bigger, a little more luxurious - your cats will be thrilled.

100% genuine rabbit fur from a traditional German tannery. Filled with a mixture of French CatNip and valerian in pharmacy quality.

The seductive scent of CatNip and valerian and the soft fur from the rabbit will stimulate your cat to hunt. Especially the fur of a rabbit awakens the instinct of cats to hunt and kill small prey - and makes every kitten become a tiger. With a length of 28 cm, the toy can be ideally embraced - thereby burying the nose in the fragrant bunny and a loving biting and plucking can begin. The FurBunny can withstand a lot! Don't worry about plucking the fur bag - it is made of 100% real rabbit fur with leather backing (not synthetic fiber flocked with fur). The Bunny is filled with 100% organic hemp straw, so your cat gets a soothing rustling sound while playing. The bunny fur is tanned and made up in Germany, chrome-free.

Real fur to cuddle, fight, bite and pluck - to purr beautiful !


body: length / diameter approx. 28 cm / 10 cm
with at least 10 g Catnip - Valerian mixture
cotton ribbons length approx. 12 cm
100 % rabbit fur - as it is a natural product the colors of the fur can vary from white, gray, brown to reddish brown.
Chrome-free tanned and made up in Germany.
Packed airtight for a fresh scent.

Our cat models: Maja British Shorthair / Lilly and Boris Devon Rex

Good to know: We at Profeline are completely against animal cruelty and killing animals just for their fur out of conviction.
All fur therefore comes from domestic stock of German breeders and is a by-product of food production - it is tanned and processed in a traditional German tannery.

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