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Profeline - Cat Toy Felted RollingStones

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RollingStones - Hand-felted felt balls made of 100% virgin wool in stone look.

The felt balls are guaranteed natural and made from a renewable resource.
These pretty balls have with a diameter of about 4 cm the ideal size for your cats - just perfect to push around the apartment.
Due to the soft wool, the balls are particularly quiet and thus loved by cat and human, who also like it a little quieter. Favorite toys like to disappear under cabinets - so there are these balls also equal in a pack of 3.
Each ball is unique in its color and marbled pattern, reminiscent of small pebbles.

Cats love the smell of natural wool. With the large felt ball, the hunt can begin. Due to its ideal size, it can also be used as prey between the paws after a successful hunt.

Wool is naturally antibacterial and dirt repellent. Sheep wool also has a high self-cleaning power. Other positive properties are a naturally regulating thermal warmth, breathable in all seasons, skin and fur sympathetic and there is no static charge.

What does wet felting mean: Wet felting uses only soap and water. The warm soapy water causes the wool to swell and the top scaly layer of the wool to spread. By hand, the wool is pulled through the soapy water, pressed and shaped. The movement in the warm water causes a tight bond between the individual wool scales and fibers, gradually creating a solid felt.Our Pure Wool Collection cat toys are carefully handcrafted exclusively in Kathmandu, Nepal. Felting only with soap and water, the wool toys dry in the sun in Kathmandu. All products are guaranteed natural and made from renewable raw material. The high quality felt is very durable and extra tightly felted. Quality Made by Profeline


Contents: 3 pieces
diameter approx. 4 cm
100 % wool, 100 % handmade
presented by Maja - British Shorthair Cat

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