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Profeline - Cat Toy Curly Goat Fur Attachment

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A particularly unique addition to our collection is the Curly Goat Pendant.

Made from curly Angora goat fur, the texture is soft and cuddly, concealing its actual robustness. The fur carries a subtle scent of nature and freedom. At first glance, your cat will curiously bury its nose in the curly strands, captivated by the enticing fragrance. Subsequently, she'll eagerly pluck at the curls and engage with her new catch. The leather from this goat breed is distinguished by its thickness and durability, and the entire manufacturing process is carried out without the use of additives, just as nature gifted it to us.

We stumbled upon these unique furs during one of our journeys. Valuing natural materials and having an affinity for nature-inspired elements, we seize every opportunity to search for unique products in small artisanal workshops.


Dimensions: approximately 20 x 8 cm
Color as shown.

Good to know:
At Profeline, we staunchly oppose animal cruelty and the killing of animals solely for their fur. All our furs are by-products of the food production industry, making them a part of the sustainability cycle. Animal-friendly breeding and sustainable practices are of utmost importance to us.

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