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Profeline - Cat Toy Catnip Valerian Refill Pouch

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Profeline Catnip / Valerian Refill Pouch - the beguiling fragrance cats love - for pure fun!

Organic cotton refill pack - as a fragrant use for all cat toys, blankets and pillows with closure.

Our Profeline refill bags are filled with approx. 5 grams of natural catnip and pure valerian root in pharmacy quality in a 100% organic cotton bag and are packed airtight.
The bags are not intended for direct cat play, but as a small fragrance inlay for all bigger cat toys, cat beds and blankets that have a drawer or zipper. Hide the Catnip-Valerian mix in your cat's favorite toy or favorite spot, making guaranteed the toy or bed even more attractive.
Tip: The often unloved transport to the veterinarian will be easier for your cat due to the beguiling fragrance.
If the bed is to be replaced in the laundry, the bags can be easily and cleanly removed. Should your cat catch the scent bag - do not worry - the sturdy cotton fabric will stand up to a little cuddly fight.

Good to know: During production, we rely on real manual work, safe and durable processing, selected raw materials and aroma-proof packaging.
Our cuddly toys, beloved by cats, with the proven Profeline Catnip / Valerian filling are lovingly made by hand in Germany and carefully packed airtight. We deliberately abstain from alcoholic tinctures, synthetic fragrances as well as adhesives, plastics and metal parts.
Our promise for your cat: Lovingly crafted, 100% Made in Germany, 100% organic cotton, natural catnip and pure valerian root - for pure fun!


Contents: 2 pieces in flavor-safe bag
Size: about 9 x 7 cm, height 1 cm
Quality: 100% organic cotton - real catnip - pure valerian root
100% Made in Germany
Packed airtight
Presented by our Cats Model Lilly, Devon Rex 5 months old.

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