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Profeline - Cat Teaser Peacock Dancer

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Cat Teaser Peacock Dancer - an extravagant play partner for your cat - let your cat with the Peacock Dancer on the parquet .

Shimmering emerald green the long decorative feather with the peacock eye. Similar to a dragonfly, the long fringes reflect the light and attract the attention of your cat.
The long peacock feathers are tied into a bundle of marabou and rooster feathers on a flexible 12 cm extension of the transparent rod. Let the noble feather teaserer dance above your cat's head - your cat will be excited to chase after this exotic bird.


1 piece, total length 84 cm
rod length approx. 48 cm flexible part approx. 12 cm feathers approx. 24 cm
Slight bending of the quill is unavoidable.
Our cat model Assol Devon Rex
bewitch your cat with this unique feather dancer !

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