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Profeline - Cat Teaser Pipe Wiper

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Pipe Wiper cat teaser is sure to attract the attention of your cat with its bobbing long feather brush

The Pipe Wiper cat feather teaser is as simple as it is cat-friendly - and as much fun it is guaranteed for your cat.
With every movement, the long spike bobs and makes the thin goose feathers rustle. The bundle of feathers is attached to the end of a glittering transparent rod with a flexible extension about 20 cm long. The feather brush is to catch - finally caught, may be bitten firmly into it and pulled - the joint game of cat and human can begin.


1 piece, total length 77 cm
rod length approx. 48 cm flexible part approx. 12 cm feathers approx. 18 cm
various colors, no color choice possible

Enchant your cat with this unique Feather Dancer !

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