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Profeline - Cat Matatabi Fruit

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Do you already know the fruit of the Matatabi plant, also known as silver wine.

If you think your cat is immune to the effects of catnip, try the stimulating Matatabi fruit from Japan. Thanks to its relaxing and euphoric features, matatabi beautifies the life of our cats.

The scent of Matatabi also called Silver Vine or Japanese Catnip is considered to be probably the most powerful and effective of all cat herbs. Even cats that catnip leaves cold usually can't resist Matatabi.

Like catnip, matatabi fruit can help relax e.g. when visiting the vet - or place a cloth bag of matatabi fruit in a new cat bed or cat tree to encourage acceptance of the new cat furniture.
Can also be used as an alternative to a catnip spray.


Glass with 40 g. Matatabi fruits
100% natural product
Glass 7 x 5 cm with screw cap
to reseal for long-lasting fresh enjoyment.
100% natural - 100% feel-good stimulator for your cat!

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