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by Necoichi

Necoichi Raised Dog Water Bowl

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Necoichi not only creates beautiful accessories feline friends, but they also offer stunning options for canine companions, too!

Give your dog the utmost comfort while he hydrates with Necoichi Raised Dog Water Bowl. By raising the water to his level instead of forcing him to bend down, it makes for easier swallowing—and it’s also great for senior sidekicks or dogs with arthritis, since it helps reduce neck strain. The inner lip means less spills, and the unique curvature helps the water stay centered so that he isn’t chasing the last few sips around the bowl.


・Raised bowl offers maximum comfort for drinking and reduces neck strain.
・Measuring lines allow for easy portion control and to keep track of how much water your cat is drinking.
・A subtle inner lip eliminates spills, which means cleaner floors and less mopping.
・Made from non-absorbent porcelain that is FDA, EC & EEC European standard approved。
・Dishwasher and microwave safe.
・Chic and stylish design that complements your décor.


・Dimensions:5.1” x 5.1” x 4.1”
・Weight: 1.1 Pounds  
・Materials: Porcelain