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by Necoichi

Necoichi Purrfection Neat & Easy Feline Hair Remover

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Help keep your home clean and pristine with Necoichi Purrfection Neat & Easy Feline Hair Remover.

This game-changing tool is designed with textured microfibers that help pick up fur and fuzz from large surface areas as well as nooks and crannies—no sticky pieces of paper to throw out here! It’s completely eco-friendly and economical since you don’t have to worry about purchasing refills. Simply roll over loose fur, flip the lever back and forth to collect it in the storage container, and dispose of—it’s really that easy!

Key Benefits

・The textured microfiber works to trap fur and lint.
・Helps remove dust, lint, and pet fur in your home.
・Eco-friendly and economical—no need to purchase refills.
・The fur collects in the storage container—just flip the lever back and forth and dispose of the fur once the container is full.
・Expertly designed in Japan. Made in China


・Dimensions:9.6” x 2.2” x 1.9”
・Weight: 0.29 Pounds  
・Materials: ABS Resin, Nylon