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by Meyou Paris

Meyou Paris Cat Toy Orange Boo

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This small ball covered in polyester and in bright color is both firm and light. It will ensure your cat is entertained for hours.

Cat Toy Orange

Diameter: 3.5 cm

Composition: polyester, plastic


H.70 x W.28 cm

- Wall mounting (screws not included)

Detachable scratch surface, made of woven rope

- Brushed stainless steel support cut less than a kilometer from our workshop

The VEGAS scratching post is fixed to the wall with screws of maximum diameter 6mm + plugs adapted to the hollow or full partitions according to your construction. Screws are not supplied.

The scratching post is an essential element in a home to ensure the well-being of its cat, especially if the latter does not have access to the outside and therefore cannot use its claws naturally. It is essential for the cat to maintain its claws in order to defend itself, to climb trees, or to mark its territory by depositing pheromones through its pads. Clawing is also a need for cats that should not be suppressed, as it could cause stress.

Hang the VEGAS Wall Scratcher near the area where your cat has been scratching to centralize his scratching urges and prevent him from destroying your furniture. You can always move it to a location that better suits your interior design once your cat gets used to clawing there. However, avoid placing it in a place with too much traffic, as cats don't like it when their territory is constantly violated.

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