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Lucky-Kitty Premium Cat Wet Food Mouse

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Lucky-Kitty proudly presents the obviously best possible catfood: MOUSE!

Already in kindergarden we are learning, that cats prefer to eat mice.

Cats would buy mice! :-)

Why was it not possible to buy "Mouse" as a cat food until now? That exactly was the question at Lucky-Kitty headquaters, when we tackled the “Mouse in a can” project as cat food, five years ago. Now we have learned: it is very difficult to produce and time-consuming and expensive if you are using high-quality raw materials and last but not least, the hygiene standards in Germany are extremely high and not easy to meet.

However, we got all the nessesary permissions and did it. The content of the cans consist of 100% mouse. We have NOT added or omitted anything, so that the food quality is with the cat's favourite food but even better than wildlife mice, because these are often contaminated with virus, bacteria and deseases. Our farm mice are 100% healthy.

Like our six other types of highest quality catfood, the cans are individually filled by hand, closed and then gently heated under steam.

The cat food "Mouse" is strictly limited. Get yours today!

Pamper your cats today with the best and healthiest food possible!

Lucky-Kitty Premium cat food mouse is a supplementary feed in the sense of the feed regulation.


    100% Mouse - 100 Gramm

    Nothing else!

    The specially bred feeding mice used have a major advantage over mice from the wild that your cat can hunt when it is outdoors: they are completely free of viruses and diseases and are monitored by the veterinary office. Rodents can transmit pathogens as wild animals, even hantaviruses are transmitted from free-living mice to humans, they can be infested with parasites and have worms or have already eaten poison and thus also poison cats. With mice specially bred for feeding cats, you don't take such a risk. In addition, our supplier guarantees that the feed animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner, which we, of course, regularly check for ourselves.


    Humidity: 67,6 g/100g (SOP-ATSLeco-202:02/2019)
    Dry-substance: 32,4 g/100g (SOP-ATSLeco-202:02/2019)
    Raw-protein (Dumas) 18,8 g/100g (VDLUFA III Punkt 4.1.2 2004)
    Raw-fat: 10,3 g/100g (SOP-FettMikro-200:2018-04)
    Raw-ash 3,77 g/100g (SOP-ATSLeco-202 (Gravimetrie 550°C) 02/2019)
    NfE < 0,1g/100g 
    700,7 kJ/100g; 167,9 kcal/100g

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