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Lucky-Kitty Cat and Dog Food Bowl Size XL (Ø 27CM)

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The Lucky-Kitty ceramic cat bowl in XL. Design and Made in Germany.

The Lucky-Kitty cat bowl is perhaps the first food bowl for cats that really deserves its name, namely to have been specially developed for cats. It not only impresses with its beautiful, timeless design, but also offers numerous advantages that you and your cat(s) will love in contrast to conventional food bowls:

  • flat wall, enough space so that the cats do not toast with the sensitive tactile hair when eating
  • sufficiently large also for two cats (so eating together strengthens the social bond of the animals with each other - the cats get along much better than with individual feeding) also suitable for a litter of kittens - but not "giantically large" but with 27 cm diameter and 700ml capacity about the size as large as a normal, deep plate and thus easy to handle
  • very easy to clean, high-quality, very solid ceramics (approx. 1.5 kg) without corners and edges - naturally dishwasher safe
  • with underfloor heating, the feed stays fresh longer because the feed area has no direct contact with the floor (see cross-sectional graphic)Lucky-Kitty cat bowl in cross-section

  • six dishwasher-safe silicone feet for an immovable stand of the bowl (solidly plugged in, not only glued on)
  • special waves and depressions indoors keep the food in place - so the cat does not always have to "run after" your food
  • Liquid from the food collects in the lowest gutter ("saftrin") and can be conveniently absorbed by the cat - nothing remains!
  • In contrast to melamine bowls, it does not contain any melamine or formaldehyde that is harmful to health, no plasticizers as are often present in plastic bowls and no chromium or nickel components as with metal bowls - the glaze is of course food-safe and ceramics do not age in contrast to plastic, metal or melamine, so
  • sufficiently high, rounded outer edge so that the "b" remains as free as possible of feed components
  • no hard 90-degree angles - so the cat gets very well to your food and cleaning is easy
  • very nice, timeless design - matching the Lucky-Kitty cat fountain
  • Dome in the middle separates the feeding areas when eating several cats at the same time so that there is no quarrel
  • wide open handle edge on the bottom for easy, safe handling even with wet hands
  • Stackable - i.e. several bowls can be stored in a space-saving manner
  • Feeding bowl also suitable for ferrets, puppies and small to medium-sized dogs


    The Lucky-Kitty cat bowl made of white ceramic has a diameter of 27 cm (approx. 23 cm inner diameter), is about 6 cm high, weighs approx. 1.5 kilograms, has a capacity of about 700 ml and has six non-slip silicone feet inserted at the bottom.

    Note on handmade ceramics

    Please note that Lucky-Kitty's high-quality ceramic products are not industrial bulk goods, but cat fountains and bowls are made individually, lovingly in traditional handwork in our ceramic manufactory and are also glazed by hand. Therefore, small inequalities always occur in the glaze and in the shape. This is what distinguishes handmade ceramics.

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