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by Fleischeslust

Fleischeslust Steakhouse 100% pure lamb for dogs

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No added vitamins, no meat broth, no fillers. Only meat.

High-quality meat is for the dog like the daily apple for humans. You would rather enjoy it pure than a synthetic vitamin-enriched

Fruit juice drink.

Steakhouse is the pure meat line of FLEISCHESLUST. Natural, selected meat is gently cooked and bottled as wet food. As a feed, Steakhouse is ideal for mixing yourself with vegetables and flakes or as an exclusion diet for feed intolerances.


Single protein

• Feed material, non-vitaminised and mineralised


100% lamb, consisting of lamb, lamb tenderness, lamb paste, lamb liver, lamb lung, lamb heart

Analytical components

Crude protein 10.6%, crude fat 6.3%, crude ash 1.7 %, crude fiber 0.7%, moisture 80.2%, carbohydrates 0.5%

Energetic feed value

305 kJ/100 g (73 kcal). Ca = 0.15%, Ph = 0.16%

(For Adult, normal weight dog only)

5 kg: 250-350 g

10 kg: 500-600 g

20 kg: 850-950 g

30 kg: 1,100-1,300 g

Approximations, to be adapted to the individual living conditions of your dog (run, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!