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by Profeline

Profeline - Cat Toy Big FlutterMoth Refill / Anhänger

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Profeline Cat Toys Big FlutterMoth refill for cat wands made of natural undyed feathers for cat fishing.

An extra large moth with fluttering wings on a thick body of white deer hair is guaranteed to fascinate your cat. This moth can be attached in 2 places to a cat rod with carabiner hooks. Unique and irresistible for every cat - this moth must be hunted.

The Profeline interchangeable attachement can also be fixed to the cat rods of DaBird and Purrs Cat Toy.

Our charming feather attachements are handmade in Africa. We support women there who often have to care for their children or grandchildren alone.


1 piece
Size approx. 11 x 10 cm