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by Broadreach Nature

Broadreach Nature Vision Berry for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens

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New Product designed to support eye and vision health for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens

  • With Vis-Ease, A unique combination of phyto-chemical blend of natural herbs.
  • Veterinary Formulated and ethically produced
  • Award Winning Brand
  • Suitable for dogs and cats from 6 months of age.

Vision Berry Capsules for Dogs and Cats, Puppies and Kittens from 6 months of age is a nutritional supplement supporting healthy eyes and vision.

Vision Berry is designed to specifically target eye health, to support patients with dry eye, inflammatory eye conditions, cataracts, degenerative eye disorders and age related. Backed by science and developed by veterinary experts


VIS-EASE: A unique combination of phyto chemical blend of natural herbs.

BLUEBERRIES (CYANOCOCCUS) Supports healthy vision, particularly the retinas.

SPIRULINA (SPIRULINA PLANTENSIS: Contains polysaccharides that maintain corneal health and natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

SACCAROMYCES CEREVISIAE: Contains high levels of B vitamins and B glucans that favourably influence gut and overall animal health. A natural probiotic.

CURCUMIN: Reduces stress on eyes and maintains healthy sight. Provides anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects in dry eye conditions.

TAURINE: The most abundant amino acid in the retina.. Supports healthy optic nerve function.

ZINGIBER OFFICINALE (GINGER): Protects against diabetic induced cataracts.


Vision Berry Proprietary Blend Blueberries (Cyanococcus), Spirulina (Spirulina Plantensis), Vis-ease (a unique combination of phyto chemical blend of natural herbs 220mg, Saccharomyces cerevisiae130mg, Zingiber officinale (Ginger)10mg, Turmeric root (Cucuma Longa) 60mg, L taurine 30mg, Vegetable cellulose capsule 100mg.

Additives: Technological Additives: Maltodextrin (corn)

Instructions to use

Daily Feeding Guide: Vision Berry Capsules for Dogs and Cats Over 6 Months of Age.

For a medium sized Dog up to 20kgs  is a 30 day supply with each pot.

Size of Dog or Cat
Grams per day
Up to 5kg
1 capsule every other day
6kg - 10kg
1 capsule per day
11kg - 20kg
2 capsules per day
21kg - 40kg
2-3 capsules per day
over 40kg
4 capsules per day


Store in a cool, dry place. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Important: Avoid in pregnant animals and animals under 6 months of age. Avoid in animals with corn allergies due to traces of maltodextrin. Contains traces of naturally occurring sulphites.

Please Note: If you notice any adverse reactions or deterioration in pets health discontinue use and contact your veterinary surgeon immediately. As with all supplementation, there may be a small chance of a negative reaction to any new supplement given, so please monitor this and follow the administrative guidelines.