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PurrForm Hairball Supplement - 250g (Adult & Kitten,Best Before 02/08/2024)

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Hairballs are inevitable for most cats.

Small amounts of hair usually pass harmlessly through a cat's digestive tract, but too much hair can build up and become trapped inside the stomach, causing a blockage. At that point, cats will usually be able to either cough, or vomit up, the hairball. If the hairball can’t be “coughed up”, then in the majority of cases, it will naturally pass through the digestive tract, so the cat can poop it out.

It's important to treat and prevent hairballs, so they do not cause intestinal obstruction. Daily brushing reduces the amount of hair your cat swallows while it grooms itself.

Purrform Hairball supplement uses natural fibres, such as Psyllium Husk and Chicory. These fibres will help your cat to reduce and pass hairballs much more easily. 

These benefits are a representation of the current science and are not intended as claim

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