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Raw Pet Food: Is it better?

 dog eating from a bowl


Pet parents always want to provide premium quality pet food to their furry family members. Raw meat as a food option for pets has been hotly debated for many years. Pet owners' opinions seem to diverge when the pros and cons of raw pet food are listed. When it comes to pet cats and dogs, owners are rightfully picky about the food their pet consumes due to nutrition and health-related concerns. Let's dive into the matter to explore the disagreement over raw pet food to help confused pet owners make an educated decision.

The Disagreement over Raw Food

It is common knowledge that cats and dogs are biological descendants of big cats and wolves, respectively. Both these ancestors are carnivorous beasts that hunt in the wild and consume raw meat.  On the other hand, cats and dogs are among the first few animals that were domesticated by ancient human civilizations. Even though they descend from meat-eating ancestors, many of their natural habits evolved to adjust with the human race.

For example, stray cats and dogs maintain a symbiotic relationship with humans in many countries and eat both raw and cooked leftovers. They are considered an important part of the urban food chain because they help eliminate rodents and pests, amongst other things. As a result, some people argue that raw food is the naturally appropriate food for pets. On the other hand, opponents of this ideology say that domesticated pets are no longer biologically fit to consume raw meat, posing a threat to themselves and the humans around them. When it comes to pet cats and dogs, owners are rightfully picky about the food their pet consumes due to nutrition and health-related concerns.

This blog aims to help our readers understand why raw food is, or isn't, an acceptable meal option for pets. Let's get started:

Raw Food for Dogs

Perhaps the most valid concern that opponents of raw food for dogs raise is that uncooked meat contains harmful parasites and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. You may wonder why this wolf offspring has such little tolerance for uncooked food. The short answer to this question is domestication.

Over thousands of years of living with humans, pet dogs have gotten used to consuming the diet that humans provide. Depending on where you live, this diet ranges from rice to yogurt and vegetables to fruits, things that ancestral wild wolves never even tasted. As a result, modern dogs lack the necessary enzymes in their digestive system to process a fully raw diet every day.

Other concerns include gastrointestinal inflammation and internal injury caused by bones in raw food. Proponents of raw dog food insist that it helps improve dogs' coats, produces lesser poop, and makes muscles and bones stronger.

While many dogs can sustain their health if fed raw food from an early age, research suggests that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Cooked, air-dried, or processed food with the right ingredients are the best choice for pet dogs. Dry dog food,  wet canned dog food, and air-dried dog food are the safest and healthiest choices you can explore for your furry friend.

Raw Food for Cats

Thankfully, the story is not that complicated when it comes to pet cats. It's a relief that there are no major disagreements over feeding raw food for pet cats because the feline digestive system seems to work just fine when consuming it. Zoologists label cats as 'obligate carnivores,' which means they mainly consume meat and never go vegan by choice. Unlike dogs, a cat's short and acidic digestive tracts finish digestion before harmful bacteria and parasites get the chance to activate and attack. Experts say that feeding raw meat to cats has the following advantages:

  • Improved digestion
  • Less smelly and smaller poops,
  • Better coat and less hair shedding
  • Weight control
  • Helps cats stay active and energetic
  • Good for cat teeth
  • Better urinary health

To provide quality raw meat for cats, cat owners don't need to pay weekly visits to the meat shop. Thanks to premium quality cat foods like Purrform's ground chicken, turkey, rabbit, mutton, and beef variety, healthy raw food can be ordered online from our websites.

raw meat for cats


In conclusion, our take on the debate over raw food for pets dictates that it is not suitable for all dogs due to health risks for both dogs and their human family. Whereas cats, being obligate carnivores, are equipped with a digestive system that deals with raw food better and helps improve overall feline health. BYMIT has an extensive product range of premium-quality pet food and useful pet accessories from top brands. Contact us to learn more.


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