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Our top 4 playtime toys: your pet's antidote to boredom

Playtime is that liberating hour for pets where they get to embrace their natural instincts and have an engaging time on the field. Aside from playing fetch, you can use toys to make their playtime more engaging and curiosity-inducing to keep them active and up and going!

When you get a puppy or a kitten, introducing them to different toys during playtime helps them acquaint themselves with interesting sounds that become their comfort zone. These toys prove to be a long-term companion for them on an everyday basis when you have to be somewhere else!

Some of our favourite picks are:

1. The Wild One Dog Toy Twist Toss

Feed your toys with treats, but creatively! The Twist Toy has the facility to hide a treat across the toy while playing fetch, their all-time favourite game. Since it's twisted, it holds your pet's chew and makes for a long-lasting game! Also, since the treats are spread across the toy, it indulges your pet in a challenging, fun, and engaging game.

There is no need to save your carpets anymore from being destroyed! This Cat Scratcher is all you need to reduce the boredom of your cat. Before it finds you or your carpets & bed sheets as its boredom knack, and creates art you didn't expect, get your cat a cat scratcher! This tree-catcher is your entertaining cat's boredom hack, where they get to live out their natural instincts with more curiosity and entertainment!

Meyou Paris Vegas Cat Scratcher Grey

3. Maxbone Eco-friendly Dog Toys

Dogs enjoy hunting, and so they also enjoy games that include similar nuances. A Twisted Rope Toy is a great way to bond with your pet while they play with you! They enjoy this toy since it celebrates their predatory nature while forming a closer bond with you. A simple yet energetic way to support their energy pangs and to improve their physical and mental sharpness!

Max Bone Large Twisted Rope Toy

4.Profeline - Cat Feather Wand & Attachments

A cat won't pass up a chance to hunt! Feathers remind them of their prey, birds, and so they enter the mode of alertness when they see the Jungle Feathers Toy. Playing with this toy is as good as taking them back to nature inside your home and giving them space for their natural instincts to bloom. They get their daily dose of hunting from this toy! A simple but effective way to keep your cat's activity going.

Profeline - Self Play Cat Toy Set

Your pets can get bored of their everyday routine, and they need some stimulation that keeps their excitement flowing, their curiosity sharpened, and keeps them closer to the true essence of their life. Pet playtime is an important part of their routine and an excellent way to bond with them, which helps you get to know them, their temperaments, and their reactions to various activities. It's essential to dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour to their playtime as it's a large part of their growth into active, quick, and smart pets!


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