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It’s Natural at BYMiT

At BYMiT, we prioritize animal and pet parent needs, and it all starts with providing pet owners and pets with the best foods, toys, and accessories. For overall wellness, pets require the right food to maintain their health and the right toys to make them happy and get enough exercise. Offering quality products is our cornerstone, and one of the ways we ensure healthy pets and happy humans is by providing excellent pet foods and products from all over the world.

Superior Pet Foods

Premium pet foods all have one thing in common: their quality ingredients come from natural sources and are minimally processed. This means no chemicals and foods made from high quality protein and natural ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, so pets get the right nutrients.

Ziwi Peaks

Using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, Ziwi Peaks is based out of New Zealand. Their grass-fed and free-range meats are raised ethically, and they source their seafood from top-ranked fisheries. Along with quality ingredients, each recipe of their pet food is made from 96% meat, green mussels, and organs to ensure your pet gets superior, raw-inspired nutrition.


Based in Portugal, Naturea believes in feeding pets a diet based on how your pet’s ancestors would have lived in the wild. Their high-protein foods are made with meat and other ingredients like sweet potatoes and other fruits and vegetables. These zero grain and low carbohydrate foods fuel your pet with premium nutrients.

Fleischeslust Pet Foods

This Germany based company specialized in creating food from single-source proteins as well as using grain and gluten free ingredients. All foods are made with a healthy balance of meat, organs, and other natural sources of protein, providing pets with fuel for their active lifestyles.

Other Quality Brands and Products

In addition to superior foods, BYMiT also offers excellent quality pet products from notable brands. Based in the United States, Dr. Elsey’s specializes in cat and environment-friendly kitty litters, and Vivipet creates unique and premium toys and accessories as well as products for cat parents. 

BYMiT is a natural choice

To ensure your pet is healthy and happy, there is no better place to shop than BYMiT. Having gathered the best products and foods from around the world, BYMiT is the natural choice for suiting your pet’s needs.


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