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How to Live with Multiple Pets and Keep the Control

Having several pets at home is a big commitment whether they are of the same species or not. Each animal species is different according to its species, its physical characteristics, instincts, personality, etc.

It is something that in itself implies a big commitment and that is accentuated when it is decided to have more than one pet at home.

It is necessary to give a little more of ourselves in terms of time, effort, resources, space, etc. As well as to have a balance to offer them all equally the attention they need.

Living with multiple pets

The fraternal relationship between animals of different species or breeds depends on the socialization they have had since they were small. This happens in their learning stage when they are exposed to different environments, people, and animals.

Although these animals are sociable, it is necessary to be cautious due to the differences between breeds, sizes, or temperaments of each one.

In the case of dogs and cats, the ideal is to neuter them at an early age, so that in the future there will be no fights for territory. And if there is also a female in the group, she should also be spayed so that the males do not fight over her when they are adults.

As for jealousy, this is the same as in humans. Each will try to get the attention of its owners to establish a stable position in the household.

In this case, it is important to give them the same affection at the same time, especially when the pets are together since, in this way, they will associate affection and fun with each other's company.

Hygiene, space, and basic needs

It is important to take into account the differences that each pet has in terms of space, food, hygiene, medical care, etc.  Also between pets of different species, it is not the same to take care of an iguana or a hamster, than a duck or a canary all in the same place.

If you have decided to have many pets at home, it is necessary to have enough space for the animals to feel comfortable and enough resources to take care of these pets in terms of feeding and veterinary check-ups, among other expenses.

Every pet needs its time, its space, and its things. Although it may seem obvious, each pet must have its own bed, towel, dishes, and toys individually.


For cats, you can create a high space (since they are good climbers) or a special room where they only have access, in case they feel stressed by the energy of the dogs. Cats need a place to go when they want and they will not be disturbed.

In the case of rodents, they need their cage to be in a quiet place, away from large animals so that they feel at ease in their habitat.

When it is time to let them go for a walk, do it at a calm moment, in a room where the dog is not and train your dog not to bark near it, as well as do not allow a larger animal to play with your rodent's exercise ball.


Jealousy and the desire to have a toy can make a relationship between pets much worse. The best thing is that each one has its own toys with different colors and shapes that are uniquely theirs.

The goal is for them to feel that each one is important in the home and that they have something that is theirs alone and they can have it whenever they want it.

Food and water in separate areas

From the first day of each animal, establish their own space where they can get food and water away from the others, this way they will decrease the fights for resources.

In case one eats the food of the other, you should stop their behavior and make them respect each other (at least in your presence).

In the case of cats or rodents, they need to eat calmly without the pressure and stress that a bigger and hyperactive animal could steal their food at any moment.

If your cat does not yet have its own feeder, here you can choose different models and sizes that best suit your cat's needs.

Maintain order

It is not easy to keep order and separate all the animals, but you can help yourself with baby gates. These gates will create divisions between them that will prevent fights, chaos, or crazy races.

It will also serve to separate the big animals from the smaller and more delicate ones.

Time and affection for all equally

For your pets to have a proper coexistence, every day play with them for about an hour: take them for a walk, give them their favorite toys, etc.

It is also good for each animal to see its owner playing with another. So that they associate the other's presence and attention as something positive and normal, just be careful not to make any of them jealous.

In the case of birds and fish, it is advisable that both dogs and cats are in places away from the house to avoid situations where for example the bigger animals try to play or scare the more delicate animals such as the canary, or that they put their paw or snout in the fish tank.

With rabbits, you have to be a little more careful since the dog can hurt them when they want to play because they are heavier, more hyperactive and they could treat them like a small dog.

With time and if the animals forge a friendship between them, it will not be necessary to keep them separated at feeding time.

Now you can make a great environment for all your pets!

Giving each one the time and attention they need, it can create a healthy environment that everyone can share peacefully, and in many cases a friendly environment where everyone shares with each other.


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