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How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Pet?

Choosing the right toys for your pets is of great importance. Why? Well, toys are certainly known to boost your pet’s health and make them more proactive. This, in turn, is something very important to ensure the healthier growth of your pets.

Talking about Dogs, they have two distinctive behavioral qualities of chewing or playing, which means some dogs will chew the toys and others will play with the toys.

So choosing the right toys for your dog is very necessary. If proper toys are not chosen, then it might evolve some adverse behavioral problems.

Investing in toys without knowing what your pet likes is simply wasting your precious money. Since your dog might not show any interest in those toys and they will eventually be of no use and will only end up collecting dust and ensuring some financial damage.

So choosing the right toy depends upon your dog’s style that is either playing or chewing is important, so they can enjoy it thoroughly.


When you are buying toys for your dog, you should remember your dog’s chewing and swallowing ability. Dogs can easily swallow parts of the toys, so you should buy sturdy toys and do not have excessive parts.

While buying toys, you should also examine whether the toy has a sharp edge because it can cause severe injuries to your dog while playing.

And finally, your dog should be under proper supervision while playing because sometimes dogs do chew with so much strength that a part of the toy breaks and is swallowed. The damaged toys should be removed immediately from the dog's sight; otherwise, they can be vulnerable.



There is a variety of dog toys on the market. Depending upon the style of your dog, you choose the best one possible. Following is a list of the best suitable toys for your dog.

  1. Balls:

The ball is one of the favorite toys for most dogs who love to play fetch and chew. There are various balls present in the market, including rubber balls, tennis balls, balls with lights in them, and balls with squeakers in them.

While buying a ball, you should keep in mind that the size of the ball is not too big or not so small, and is comfortable for the dog to carry around while swallowing.


  1. Discs:

A disc is another retrieving toy. It is more versatile because, unlike a ball, you can vary the speed of discs and make them change their direction. So it is more fun to play fetch with your dog and makes your dog more active.


  1. Plush toys:

These are stuffed toys which the dogs carry around in their mouth. They usually tear them apart hence activating their predatory nature. There is a variety of plush toys present which also includes squeakers.

  1. Squeakers:

These are non-plush toys made up of rubber or plastic. These are used for those dogs which like to chew. If you have an aggressive chewer then choose a thick rubber squeaker.


  1. Rope toys:

It is used to play fetch, tug of war, or simply for chewing. Do not let your dog play with rope toys unsupervised because sometimes rope breaks, or shreds and dogs may ingest shredded parts of the rope.


It is very important to choose the right type of toy for your dog because it involves the dog’s interest and its proper well being.



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