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A Guide to a Happy Pet

As pet parents, we’re always looking to make sure our pets are well-taken care of. While animals are complex creatures, they need a few basic things in order to live happy and healthy lives.


Exercise is crucial for your pet. Getting the proper amount of exercise can not only keep your pet in shape, but it can reduce behavior issues as well as reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress. A well-exercised pet is easier to train, is happier overall, and they are more bonded with their humans.

For cats, they do best with small bursts of exercise and play time throughout the day. You can spend ten minutes playing with them a few times a day, or you can have a much longer play session once or twice a day. For dogs, in addition to their bathroom breaks, they should have a short, daily walk, many play sessions where they can burn off their energy, and going for a longer walk once a week is a good idea.


Dogs and cats both need high-quality foods to keep them happy and feeling full. Choosing a food that lists meat as the first ingredient is beneficial as well as having other quality ingredients like vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to feeding guidelines on the food to make sure you’re not feeding your cat or dog too much or too little.


Cats and dogs need love and attention. While giving them food and exercise is important, they need to spend time with you and perhaps other humans too. They are social creatures, so cuddling for a little bit each day or giving them scratches can make them feel happier.

Happy Pets

Happy pets will enjoy interactions with their humans. Whether that’s through snuggling on the couch after a long day, play time, or learning a new trick together, your dog or cat will feel happiest when they are in your presence. For a happy pet, make sure they get the right amount of exercise, have good nutrition, and get to spend as much time with you as possible.


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