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Different Types of Cat Litter and Their Pros & Cons

Cat litter is one of the vital supplies for all indoor felines. It helps make life much easier for cat owners worldwide. It's used intuitively by a cat to hide its pee and feces. However, cat owners have different options regarding cat litters and which type of litter they would prefer for their felines to use. Cats are pets of habit; you can't expect your cat to quickly feel easy by using a new type of litter. There are several Cat litters that have different pros and cons. Some of them have been discussed below:

Wood Cat Litter 

Wood cat litter is an all-natural cat litter commonly made out of cedar or pine wood. Compared to clay-based litter, wood litter has large granules made from compressed wood materials that break down into sawdust when wet.

Wood litter is a type of cat litter that helps absorb the liquid and smell of your cat's urine and feces, after which it crumbles into sawdust. The sawdust eventually ends up in the bottom of the cat litter box, although fresh wood pellets stay on top. You may also choose a special sifting cat litter box that takes away the sawdust immediately. Although wood cat litter is good, but when a cat breathes in wood dust, it might inhale some small particles, which can lead to discomfort. Moreover, non-clumping wood cat litter can change to mush.


  • Wood litter is all-natural. 
  • Wood pellet cat litter does not have additional chemicals or scents.
  • Wood litters are lighter in weight than clay litter.
  • They're safer for the cats. The likelihood of swallowing wood pellet is very low; however, the cat will be okay even when she does.


  • Wood litters are a little more expensive than clay litter.
  • Several cats might not like the aroma of pine, or they might be allergic to the stuff.

Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is manufactured out of food-grade soy pulp. It's among the best long-lasting, easy to clean and smell absorbing litter available in the market. It is an all-natural choice that's bio-degradable and could be flushed down. Moreover, most felines like the very soft texture of the beans. Tofu Cat litter has good absorbing qualities and non-stick features, making it one of the best cats litters available on the market.


  • Tofu cat litter is 100% all-natural.
  • It's not very harmful if ingested by your cat.
  • Tofu cat litter is 99% dust-free that helps prevent several respiratory system problems resulting from clay-based litter.
  • Tofu litter has superb smell control and absorbing features.


  • As a result of plant material, Tofu litter can get mold very quickly if it's wet.
  • The price is a bit higher than bentonite cat litter.

Clay Cat Litter

Clay cat litter has quickly turned into the most popular cat litter used by most cat owners. This cat litter is made from granulated bentonite clay that clumps whenever wet and forms a solid mass separate from the thoroughly clean litter within the box. The best thing about this cat litter is that it doesn't need to be replaced as often as non-clumping, conventional cat litter. 

Clay cat litters are made to ensure that feces and urine can be cleaned up and removed very quickly from the box without needing to empty the entire litter box. Most cat litters include a material referred to as bentonite, which enables the cat litter to produce a good solid clump as the litter soaks up liquid. There are also different natural materials that may help clump the cat litter firmly. 

Clay cat litter is associated with several cat health issues such as looseness of the bowels, nausea, renal system problems, drowsiness, etc. If your cat suffers from these problems and has been defecating more time, you can benefit from clumping cat litter. 


  • Clay cat litter is easy to clean.
  • Great at drying cat feces.
  • Clay cat litter is good at absorbing bad odors.
  • Clay is naturally occurring and readily available, so it is by far the most popular type of litter.


  • The clumping might cause obstructions if mistakenly swallowed.
  • It is extremely dusty for some brands and possibly it will leave a film on everything in the room.
  • Not eco-friendly at all.

New Coconut Litter 

Coconut litter is light-weight; thus, if you over-fill the litter, it can get expelled from the top when your cat digs and scrapes. Use a long-sided cat litter if you face this problem. Coconut fibers are also called coir and hypo-allergenic materials; therefore, they are the best choice for felines or owners with allergies. 

The darkish color of coconut litter makes it harder to determine what parts have to be cleaned out, as well as the coconut fibers often cover all hard waste. When you remove waste, you may mix the remaining cat litter; thus, any liquid will be absorbed. New coconut cat litter is somewhat expensive compared to other clay litters and other products. Moreover, it must be stirred to help soak up the liquid.


  • New coconut litter is dust-free.
  • This litter type is non-toxic for your cat.


  • New coconut litter has a different texture than other cat litter that can be uncomfortable for your cat.
  • This cat litter is harder to scoop waste. 

Silica Gel Litter

Silica gel is another modern litter and is likely the strangest on this list. Silica gel is a highly absorbent material that can quickly absorb and hold any moisture it contacts, so it does a good job of absorbing moisture and reducing odor despite being a non-clumping litter. The downside to silica gel is that you need to mix it frequently to distribute the urine so it absorb better, and it’s quite expensive.

Corn Litter

Corn is inexpensive and renewable, so it makes a great choice for an alternative to clay.  It’s relatively lightweight and forms tight clumps that are easy to scoop out.  We found that the tight clumping helped us use less litter, so it pays for itself over time.

Why Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter is the Best Choice for Cats?

Dr. Bruce Elsey is a renowned veterinarian who has provided veterinary services for more than thirty-five years. Because of his outstanding services, he is well-reputed and respected around the globe. After decades of experience in cat care, he introduced an exciting litter box and some other cat litter products. 

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter 

Dr. Elsey's Ultra-Clumping Cat Litter is an exclusive formula that includes heavy non-tracking granules and medium grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping cat litter that stops moisture from hitting the bottom part of the cat tray while offering a clump that won't break down. 

Features of Dr. Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter 

  • This cat litter is best for multi-cat homeowners and cat owners with mechanical or shifting cat litter boxes.
  • Elsey's Ultra Clumping cat litter is an excellent odor absorbent.
  • Elsey's Ultra Clumping cat litter is 99.9 % percent dust-free.
  • It doesn't include deodorants or perfumes.
  • Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter has excellent smell control properties.

Package Weight

  • 18 Pound or 8.16 Kilograms
  • 20 Pound or 9.07 Kilograms
  • 40 Pound or 18.14 Kilograms
  • 7.5 Pound or 3.4 Kilograms
  • Pound or 3.64 Kilograms

Instructions to Use Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

Fill up a dry, clean litter box with three or four inches of Dr. Elsey's cat litter. This depth lets your felines cover their waste efficiently. Scoop waste two times a day and re-fill the box as required. Change the entire box every month, and the cat owner must discard used cat litter in the garbage. Don't bury, flush, or remove waste outside the house, in storm drains or gutters to prevent ecological pollution.

Dr. Elsey's cat litter is a superb option. The hard clumping action is highly cost-effective, making it suitable for multiple-cat homeowners. This cat litter can often be a little dusty at the start; however, it is low-tracking and significantly less messy than several clay litters.

Types of Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter

  1.  Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Litter

This hypo-allergenic and dust-free cat litter helps prevent respiratory system problems in felines.

  1. Dr. Elsey's Unscented & Scented Hard Clumping Multi-Cat Litter

It is the best odor control cat litter suitable for multi-cat owners. This litter helps control dampness from reaching the bottom part.

  1. Dr. Elsey's Touch of Outdoors Litter

This litter is made from Prairie bromegrass, including chlorophyll, to control odor. The Prairie grass of this litter helps cats reduce stress and provides them a soothing environment.

  1. Dr. Elsey's Senior Litter

This cat litter is best for absorbing urine odor and dehydrated feces that keep the cat's genital area clean which helps prevent kidney and urinary tract problems.

  1. Dr. Elsey's Clean Tracks Litter

This cat litter is an exclusive formula of medium grain clay that keeps litter in the box and controls smell without added scents or deodorants.


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