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by Vet's Best

Vet's Best Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs 470 ml

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An all natural formula developed for dogs with dandruff , scaling or flaky, dry, itchy skin, Vets Best Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo eliminates dandruff and flaking effectively, whilst cleansing and stimulating dog skin for a healthy glow.

Using only natural key ingredients, Vets Best Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo is a soothing formula, containing Salicylic Acid, colloidal oatmeal, tea tree oil and vitamin B5. It helps to tighten and clear dog pores, moisturise itchy skin and calm irritated skin for a happy, healthier, clean and fresh looking dog after every wash.


-For dogs with dandruff, scaling or flaky itchy skin
-Cleanses and stimulates your dogs skin
-Eliminates dandruff and flaking
-Helps to tighten and clear dog pores
-Helps to minimise itching and calm irritated skin
-Contains a soothing blend of ingredients