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Freeze Dry Australia Cat & Dog Treats Chicken Necks

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Treat your pet to all-natural delights with the Freeze-Dried Australia Chicken Necks natural treats!

Made with a single ingredient, these highly nutritious freeze-dried chicken necks are the perfect alternative to traditional pet treats and provide a healthy snack that your pet will love.

Calcium and phosphorus are essential nutrients in the raw food pet diet, and the most efficient way to get the right amount of both is with raw meaty bones. Other vitamins and minerals are also provided through raw meaty bones, including bone marrow, glucosamine, and chondroitin. These chicken necks are chock-full of all your pet needs for a nutritional boost to their everyday diet.

Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutritional benefit and natural taste, these chicken neck pet treats are guilt-free raw pet treats that you'll feel great feeding to your furry friend without the hassle of handling raw meat.


  • 100% all-natural, raw, freeze-dried chicken necks
  • Highly nutritious meaty bones
  • Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutritional benefit and taste
  • Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus
  • Eliminates the "ick" factor of handling raw meat
  • Australian made
  • For cats and dogs to enjoy an occasional treat or meal supplement


    100% raw freeze-dried Australian chicken necks.


    • Crude Protein: 39.2%
    • Crude Fat: 35%
    • Energy M/E: 1960kJ


    5 / 5